Company Name: Storage Systems & Solutions Co., Ltd.
Address: 5/1 Soi Nonthaburi 10 , Bang Kraso , Meaung Nonthaburi , Nonthaburi , Thailand
Zip Code: 11000
Objectives: To sell computer systems products, accessories and provide services in Information Technology
Registration Date: 12 February 2007
Registration Number: 0125550001631
Tax ID Number: 3-0325-2595-4
Authorized Capital: 12,000,000 THB
Number of Employees: 100 Persons
Telephone Number : +6696 850 1370
Fax Number: +662 910 7809
Homepage: http://www.s-sys.co.th

Storage Systems & Solutions Co.,Ltd. (S-SYS)


Was founded in 2007. The office is managed and operated by Mr. Chutchawarn Sasnarukkit , experienced team and proficient partners. We have been implementing integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), IT infrastructure systems , Point-of-Sale and support for distribution and manufacturing businesses throughout Thailand. S-SYS is focused on maximizing the value of your business system by delivery proven, productive and sustainable solutions for the manufacturing and distribution industry.
We pride ourselves on the many long standing partnerships we have built with our clients and help our clients with their business problems every single day, by leveraging the best of what our products and technical support can do to make their business run faster, smarter and more efficiently.

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